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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 16, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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after the storm. recovery efforts are under way after at least 120 tornadoes are reported in the midwest over the weekend. attacks in afghanistan. for the second day in a row, terrorists launch coordinated strikes in afghanistan and say more assaults are in the works. and secret service scandal. an investigation of alleged misconduct of secret service agents in colombia. >> i expect that investigation to be thorough and i expect it to be rigorous. this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, april 16, 2012. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm michelle miller. this morning a storm system that spawned at least 120 reported tornadoes across the
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midwest is weakening as it heads east. the tornadoes touched down in five states. at least six people were killed. all in hard-hit woodward, oklahoma. at least 20 others there were injured. woodward is located about 140 miles northwest of oklahoma city. dick brennan is there. good morning, dick. >> reporter: good morning. the national weather service had warned this could, indeed, be a life-threatening event and six people are dead, including three children and now a massive clean-up here begins. a tornado left a path of destruction through woodward, oklahoma. >> this was the back bedroom -- >> reporter: people in this community are searching for anything they can salvage and they're tearing down damaged buildings as they begin to clean up. the city manager says 89 homes and 13 businesses were destroyed. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: stacy forest rushed to her mother's house and got
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into a shelter moments before a storm destroyed her home. >> we're so fortunate. i got no complaints. >> reporter: at least six people, including three children died, when the tornado struck woodward just after midnight on sunday. woodward is under a state of emergency. you can see why. look at the power of the wind. it tossed this truck into what remains of that store. oak oe was one of the hardest hit during this weekend's outbreaks. >> two tornadoes! >> reporter: there were reports of at least 120 tornadoes from texas to iowa. officials say almost every home in thurman, iowa, was damaged. in wichita, kansas, people are boarding up broken windows. many homes were flattened there. amber has six children and says her house was wiped out. >> we have nothing. i just have one pair of clothes. >> reporter: kansas's governor brownback says most of the storms in his state hit in areas where few people live. >> i'm amazed by what didn't happen, really.
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>> reporter: the national weather service will send crews today to confirm how many tornadoes struck and just how strong they were. in the meantime, one little mystery here. what happened to the tornado sirens? well, it turns out it appears a lightning bolt struck a tornado signal tower that may have set a tornado siren off, inoperable and perhaps that's why the death toll here was large. that's the latest from here. >> bad luck. dick brennan in woodward, oklahoma, thank you. here in the northeast today's weather story is the heat. near record highs are expected from southern new england, where it's expected to reach 87 degrees for today's boston marathon. 86 degrees in new york. 89 in philadelphia. and 86 in the nation's capital. these temperature are up 30 degrees higher than april average.
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overseas now. and the series of coordinated attacks in afghanistan that began yesterday continued this morning. suicide bombers and gunmen targeted afghan parliament, nato bases and embassy, including the u.s. compound. they say this morning they killed more than 30 insurgents, 3 afghan soldiers and 8 policemen were killed. an afghan government official blames terrorists with links to the taliban and al qaeda. the first con ten gent of u.n. observers has anned in syria to monitor the cease-fire. the truce was formally implemented on thursday but already there are signs it is fraying at the scenes. antigovernment activists say this video shows government forces attacking the city of homs yesterday. one human rights group says at least three people were killed. senator john mccain says, it's time for the u.s. to arm the rebels. >> we need to get a sanctuary for the free syrian army.
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we need to get them supplies, weapons and there are many ways to get weapons to them. we showed it in libya, in afghanistan and many other times. it's not a fair fight. >> the uprising against the assad government began over a year ago. president obama is back in the white house this morning after this weekend's summit of the america's in cartegana. on sunday mr. obama tauted a free trade agreement with colombia, expressed hope at the prospect of new leadership in cuba and defended a new round of nuclear talks with iran. but his visit to south america was overshadowed by an alleged prostitution scandal involving secret service agents stationed in colombia. susan mcginnis in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. questions about these allegations dogged the president during his entire trip to colombia. on sunday evening he finally addressed them. president obama broke his silence on the allegations made
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against members of the secret service and military assigned to the security detail ahead of his visit to cartegana. >> if it turns out some of the allegations made in the press are confirmed, then of course i'll be angry. >> reporter: the president said he expects an investigation to be thorough and rigorous. it will focus on 11 members of the secret service advance team who were sent home from colombia before the president arrived friday. some members of the group staying at a five-star hotel allegedly got into a dispute with a prostitute over money. five members of the military were also disciplined in the incident. while the secret service is investigating, congress may not be far behind. >> we have to ask, where are the systems in place to prevent this from the future. the reason the investigation will not be about the 11 to 20 or more involved, it will be about how did this happen and how often has this happened before.
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things like this don't happen once if they didn't happen before. >> reporter: the secret service says the president was never in any danger. the former head of the agency says removing the agents quickly was the right decision. >> they recognize that they could not have on the ground in the process of protecting the president of the united states and be distracted. >> reporter: he says the allegations have left the secret service with a black eye. >> look, secret service prides itself on not making the front page of the newspapers or not being the lead story on the nightly news. that's not what they're about. they're behind the scenes, they want to remain behind the scenes and an incident like this is very disturbing and embarrassing for them. >> reporter: and a source at the secret service tells cbs news while the entire team was sent home, not all members were involved in the alleged misconduct. the secret service says its investigation is top priority.
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>> susan mcginnis in washington, thank you. in norway this morning, the trial of anders breivik is under way. the 33-year-old has already admitted to killing 77 people during a rampage that began in oslo last july. prosecutors are trying to prove that breivik is mentally healthy enough to be sent to prison. today the united nations security council is expected to officially condemn north korea's failed attempt to launch a long-range rocket. meanwhile, for the first time, north koreans heard directly from their new leader. barry petersen reports. >> reporter: the parade marking the 100th birthday of kim il-sung featured a first look at what may be a new long-range missile, larger than anything north korea has shown off before. and the first time the world heard the voice of north korea's third generation dictator. let us move on to final victory, he said.
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kimmon un kim jong-un's wonder and surprisingly easy going banter suggests he has the backing he needs from the military. propaganda chain that rarely rests helped kim look like a leader in charge. but little is really known about him, not even his exact age, just that he is in his late 20s. his pudgy build proves he eats well and often in a malnourished country with so much stunted growth that the height requirement for the military was lowered to a mere 4' 9". the north shows no interest in dialing back confrontation with the west, including satellite images of what experts believe are preparations for a third test of nuclear weapons. the only country that might temper the north's aggression is china. if communist party rule fails in north korea, a lot of people in
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china will start wondering if the same thing could start happening here. so, china did nothing to stop last week's failed launch of a rocket that many see as a test for a ballistic missile that could hit the u.s. that kind of defiant act keeps north korea so isolated they call it the hermit kingdom and kim, only four months into his rule, looks like he'll keep it that way. barry petersen, cbs news, beijing. coming up on the morning news -- 100 years later. a remembrance of the titanic disaster that killed more than 1500 people. t killed more than 1500 people. [ girl ] when i started playing soccer, i wasn't so good. [ barks ] so me and sadie started practicing. we practiced a lot. now i've got some moves! [ crowd cheering ] spin kick! whoo-hoo! [ giggling ] [ announcer ] we know how important your dog is to your whole family.
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a memorial service to remember the victims of the titanic at the spot where the cruise liner sank 100 years ago. wreaths were tossed into the early sunday night after a short ceremony on hms balmoal.
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dole foods recalled more than 750 cases of bagged salad after a random test in new york came back positive for salmonella. the bags of seven lettuces salads were distributed to 15 states across the country. they are stashed with a use by date of last wednesday, april 11th. so far no illnesses have been reported. no other dole salads are included in that recall. on the "cbs moneywatch" rising gas prices and a blockbuster reigns at the box office. >> good morning to you. new worries about europe debt crisis sent stock tumbling. nikkei lost more than 1.5% anding hong kong's hang seng fell 0.5%. we'll get reports from citigroup, bank of america and microsoft. wall street is hoping positive data will turn around the first two week skid of 2012.
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for the week dow was down 2 10 point while the nasdaq lost 69. the senate takes up the so-called buffett rule today. the president has spent the last week pushing that plan. it would require people earning at least $1 million a year, whether through salary or investment, to pay at least 30% in income tax. it's named for billionaire investor warren buffett, who supports the plan. gas prices may have peaked, crude oil fell to $102 a barrel this morning. according to aa the average cost of gasoline regular is now $3.90, which is down two cents from a week ago. analysts say barring any disruption to crude oil supply, gas prices should stabilize as we head into the summer. "the hunger games" made it four weeks in a row as the number one movie in america. making $21.5 million over the weekend. it's now raked in more than $337 since being released in late
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march. >> drew levinson in new york, thank you. straight ahead, your monday morning weather. in sports, the bizarre triple play that has the padres crying foul. a big lunch doesn't mean a big price. start with a savory soup or a fresh salad. then choose a texas toast half sandwich, like our classic turkey, served with fries, all for just 6 bucks at chili's. so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪
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...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, mostly sunny, 86. miami, partly sunny and 81. chicago, very windy at 67. dallas, mostly sunny, 79.
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l.a., mostly sunny and 77. let's get a check of today's national forecast. break out the shorts. expect record-breaking warmth in the northeast with temperatures 15 to 30 degrees above normal. severe thunderstorms are possible from the tennessee valley to the western gulf coast. and it will be windy across the mississippi valley with gusts reaching 50 miles an hour. in sports news now -- the yankees and the los angeles angels packing. jackie robinson's wife and daughter were honored at yankee stadium before the game on the 65th anniversary on the day he broke baseball's color barrier. in the fourth -- jeter with a blast to give the bronx bombers a huge lead and then ibanez helps them win over the angels 11-5. a controversial ninth inning triple play in l.a. padres guzman lays down a bunt.
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he thinks it's a foul ball but dodgers' catcher ellis fires it to third for the start of a triple play. in the bottom of the frame, they smack in the game-winning rbi. the dodgers over padres 5-4. in hockey some great goalkeeping pushes canucks to the brink of elimination. in the third period the kings' dustin brown scores the only goal but it was l.a.'s jonathan quick who secured the victory making 41 tough saves. the kings over the canucks 1-0. and the fists were flying in philadelphia. there were so many fights, the penguins got hit with 46 penalty minutes. the flyers got 34. oh, yeah, philly won it, trouncing pittsburgh 8-4. they now lead the series 3-0. when we come back, yachting race rescue after tragedy strikes a vessel off san francisco. ff san francisco.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., partly cloudy and 86. atlanta, afternoon thunderstorms and 79. st. louis, partly cloudy and 70. denver, partly sunny and 57. seattle cloudy and 57. here's another look at this morning's top stories. survivors are picking through the rubble after a reported 120 tornadoes touched down in five states. at least six people are dead. all in the oklahoma town of woodward. and for the second day in a row, terrorists launched coordinated attacks in afghanistan and afghan official says three dozen insurgents were killed along with eight afghan police. the search for four sailors swept overboard in a yacht race in san francisco has been suspended. their sailboat was hit by a
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powerful wave on saturday and slammed into rocks by san francisco. eight people were on board, one died, three were rescued. the coast guard says the survivorability window for the other four missing crewmen has closed. catholics all over the world are wishing pope benedict a very happy birthday. he turns 85 today. this also happens to be the seventh anniversary of his being elected pope and he shows no signs of slowing down. so far he's taken 30 trips and visited 21 countries as pope. government lawyers step up to the plate again as jury selection begins in the retrial of former pitching ace roger clemens. he's accused of lying about using steroids when he appeared before congress in 2008. in july a mistrial was declared after a judge said prosecutors mistakenly showed jurors inadmissible evidence. after your local news on "cbs this morning," best selling author david baldacchi. i'm michelle miller.
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the explosion the explosion of popularity of e-books means fewer of us actually read physical books so what happens to books no longer used? john blackstone introduces us to a internet entrepreneur giving them new lives. >> why keep physical books? it's how we learned as a society. >> reporter: in a warehouse near san francisco, breauxster kale's goal is to get one copy of every week ever published. each crate contains 40,000 books universities and libraries around the country no longer want. >> what should we do with them? throw them away? no. so we started developing the technology for very inexpensive storage. >> reporter: before they go into deep storage, kale has every
4:26 am
book scanned. his organization, the internet archive, has 2 million scanned books online, with more added every day. it's one reason librarians send in their unwanted books. are they relieved to dutch their books on you, if i can put it that way? >> librarians go into the field because they love books. the idea of actually have them leave their library is something that tears every librarian's heart out. >> reporter: that's true for sara houghton, librarian in san rafa rafael, california. >> we're clearly out of space, so every time we get a book in, we have to get rid of a book. >> reporter: she now boxes books every month, shipping them off to the internet archive. does it make you feel any better? >> i think it makes it easier for us to pull a book off the shelf knowing it's going to have a good home. >> reporter: first thing i see here is this one says "discard." >> at least they're coming here instead of the landfill.
4:27 am
>> reporter: he's kept volumes of the times of london from the early 19th and 20th century, the actual papers, not reproduction, filled with history, like the volume from april 1912. the original announcement of the sinking of the titanic. >> i just find it just fabulous just to be able to look through and not only just read it, but to feel it and sort of imagine yourself in 1912 in london reading these papers. >> reporter: that means everything from the classics -- f. scott fitzgerald -- to eclectic like the complete secretary's handbook. >> everything on a kindle looks the same. but this book was meant with a different experience with a child on your lap. let's not forget where we came from and how important the physical book, the physical reality still is. >> reporter: for brewster kale, the past is worth holding onto, literally. >> i'm going to read that one. >> reporter: john blackstone, cbs news. after your local news on
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"cbs this morning," the latest on the deadly tornadoes in the midwest. we'll have a live report from hard hit oklahoma. also reaction on reports of misconduct by the secret service. we'll hear from congressman darrell issa and hit tv show "person of interest" stops by. that will do it for "cbs morning news" this monday. thanks for watching. this monday. thanks for watching. ,,,,,,
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>> it is hard to imagine what we're playing it minute by minute right now >> for sailors missing another one dead after a racing accident. out a


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